About Carol


Stoke-on-Trent. Johannesburg. Bristol. It’s been a journey. But now you lucky lot have me — well, you and my soppy, food-motivated hound.

I’ve always loved learning and languages came quite easily for me so I always came top of the class, and this is where I discovered my passion for writing. My dream was to become a famous writer. I always had my head in one book or another. But my parents encouraged me to find a ‘proper job’, one that paid a salary.

Since my first job as director of a bathroom company – my ‘famous writer’ plans are still pending – colleagues and customers have said I’m hardworking, organised and proactive with great attention to detail. They say I’m empathetic, understanding and always give more than expected, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring people feel special.

And who am I to argue?

Stuff I’m good at

  • administration
  • organisation
  • event management
  • day-to-day PA services: email management, sales processing

People I love working with

  • business coaches 
  • entrepreneurs


My first best job ever

I have always loved make-up and good nutrition so when I was approached by a company that told me I could work for them part-time and earn some extra cash, I did. Three months later, I left my sales job and became the top sales manager working with a team of 20. And because my customer service skills are spot on, I doubled my full-time salary. I was living the dream, bought my dream car, and strolled around in expensive clothes.

My actual best job ever

But I was just a number in the big corporate world. I wanted to make a difference, so I set up my own business to go it alone: Exec Pro VA. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses feel the benefits of having a team behind them – I want them to realise they don’t have to do all the backend stuff. There really is a way to focus on the bits they love doing.

Every manager with a PA can’t work out what they did without one! It’s the PA who runs the office while the manager goes to meetings, woos clients, and builds their client base. 

If you want an organised, flexible, enthusiastic supporter and a fantastic communicator, look no further.