About Carol


As you’re reading my ‘about me’  page I guess I should tell you a bit more about me. I was born in Stoke-on-Trent in the Midlands where I lived until the age of 7. My parents decided to emigrate to Johannesburg, South Africa as my dad wanted a better life for his family. This is where I fell in love with wildlife and most holidays were spent in one game reserve or another.

After a few (not going to say how many) failed marriages (I’m rubbish at choosing a partner), I finally met my soul mate and we were married in March this year. My other passion is my dog. I have a soppy, food motivated hound who I love dearly, we love our walks and she loves the treats.

I’ve always loved learning and languages came quite easy for me so I always came top of the class and this is where I discovered my passion for writing. My dream was to become a famous writer. I always had my head in one book or another. My parents encouraged me to find a ‘proper job’, one that paid a salary.

My first job was to the director of a bathroom company. Throughout my career, I made a name for myself as hardworking, organised, and proactive with great attention to detail. I have extensive skills in Administration, Organisation, and Event Management and particularly enjoy providing daily freelance PA services, such as email management and sales processing, to Business Coaches and Entrepreneurs. My passion and focus have always been on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring people feel special.  I take an empathetic and understanding approach and have always given more than expected.

It wasn’t long before I was noticed by one of the Sales Directors when customers were singing my praises as I’d just sort out their queries and just get the job done.  The Sales Director approached me and offered me a job as their Event Manager. Wow, this was the best job ever.  I gained more business, referrals, and additional sales from existing customers as I’m a natural when it comes to excellent customer service.

I have always loved make-up and good nutrition so when I was approached by a company that told me I could work for them part-time and earn some extra cash, I did. Within 3 months, I left my sales job and became the top Sales Manager working with a team of 20 people and doubled my full-time salary! I was living the dream. I was meeting up with top performers, having lunch with the CEOs. I bought my dream car and wore expensive clothes.


I moved back to the UK in 1994 and was offered a job as an Executive PA. During this time, I’ve worked in Pensions, Finance, and the Food Industry (where I was asked to deal with customers, as I’m so good at it). I’d been at my last company for over 14 years when I heard about Virtual Assistants. 

I didn’t feel valued where I was as I was just a number in the big corporate world. It was then I decided to take the risk and start my own business. 

I wanted to make a difference and feel I was making a difference.  I liked the idea of helping businesses who really see the potential of having a great team around them as this is where millionaires are made. So many business owners fall into the trap of ‘going it all alone’ and don’t realise, when they worked for a company there were people to do all the various tasks and think they can take on what they are passionate about and do ALL the back office stuff too.  Any manager will tell you, once they’ve had a PA, they don’t know how they ever did without one! It is usually a good PA who runs the office while the manager does all the important stuff like go to meetings, meet clients, and build their client base. How on earth do small business owners think they can do the job of so many and survive is beyond me.

If you’re looking for someone honest, organised, flexible, enthusiastic, a fantastic communicator, and not afraid of change, then look no further.