“Carol is an extremely organised and hard-working professional who is able to maintain a fantastic level of calm in any hectic and busy environment.”


  • Drafting documents and correspondence
  • Transcribing
  • Conduct clerical duties, including filing, responding to emails and preparing documents
  • Canva designs for websites and social media posts
  • Perform accounting tasks, including invoicing and budget tracking
  • Schedule meetings and travel arrangements for senior members of the company
  • Provide administrative support for the operations team
  • Internet Research
  • Email Management
  • Diary Management
  • Travel
  • Research & Reports
  • Project Management
  • Event Organisation


Respect your confidentiality. As a rockstar VA, I have access to all sorts of personal information. Integrity and a sense of discretion I take absolutely seriously. 


As a rockstar VA, I’m like an air-traffic controller, striving to help manage, not only the intricacies of the office, but all the treacherous intersections between work, family, social obligations, and more.


As a rockstar VA, I have your back and I’m accountable for your business as much as you are.

Communication skills. And by this, I don’t just mean carrying on a conversation. As a rockstar VA, I help facilitate communication in your organisation—especially if you’re bottlenecking things. Whether it’s email, calls, or other communication, like a rockstar VA I  accelerate response times and keep the messages moving.
Anticipate needs. 
As a rockstar VA, I’m proactive and see in advance what your business needs are and plan accordingly.  I’m proactive, so if it’s reports that need to be emailed to a client, whatever, I’ll have you covered and address it. Anyone can take direction. But a rockstar VA is already moving the way you want to go.

If you’ve ever had a Personal Assistant, you will know behind every successful business, there’s a super-efficient PA who runs the show.