Proofreading and Editing Assistance


“I run a PR agency and use ExecProVA as my second pair of eyes.  Carol is excellent at picking up errors and correcting grammar before it goes to print, and I know I can call on her services as and when I need them.”


We have a team of qualified proofreaders who put the final touches on one project so you can start on the next. No more working late again to meet the deadline! 

We sort out those niggly errors your eyes overlooked or that appeared during editing.  We ensure your work is completely flawless by reviewing your final draft for consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.  

When we’re done with it, it is completely free of grammatical errors (i.e. subject-verb agreement problems, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation and incorrect spelling) as well as formatting and typographical errors.  And, of course, we cross reference everything to follow your chosen style guide.

We understand it can be time-consuming checking important documents, brochures or handbooks before they go to print.  Why not let us do it for you? 

Proofreading Rates

£13 to £25 per hour per 1000 words

Proofreading and editing rates

£18 to £30 per hour per 1,000 words

Daily rates for project work available on request.


Bespoke packages are available to suit all budgets and dependent on your requirements.  Just call us for a free no-obligation quote.

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