Sales Assistance


20% growth in sales!

“I’m a personal trainer, so I’m on the road most of the time. I wanted to grow my business and have a continuous stream of clients.  But I didn’t have time to do this and train people as well. 

“By outsourcing my leads and contacts to Carol,  I’ve been able to streamline this essential part of the business and have seen my business grow by 20%. The results are amazing.

“Carol has delivered better-quality leads and fantastic clients, so I can now train and trust Carol to concentrate on follow-ups and keeping my customers happy. Carol is a natural.”


Our sales assistant service boosts your leads and deals with that all-important follow-up.

  • Follow up and nurture cold leads
  • Keep customers happy by following up and keeping them informed
  • Find the decision-maker in any company
  • Write the perfect email
  • Boost sales through personalisation
Why choose Carol?
Carol has a proven track record in sales, exceeding monthly sales targets time and again. She was a hugely successful sales manager in a previous life, leading, training and mentoring her own team  to exceed monthly team sales targets, too.   

When you succeed, we succeed. When your reputation thrives, so does ours.

Sales Assistant Rates

40 hours a month £1,200

20 hours a month £660

10 hours a month £350

5 hours a month £183

Bespoke packages are available to suit all budgets and dependent on your company requirements.  Just call us for a free no-obligation quote.