VA Client Agreement


VA Client Agreement - comprehensive editable and ready made for VAs.



At ExecProVA, we understand the critical importance of a solid legal foundation for Virtual Assistant businesses. Our journey at ExecProVA has taught us that starting your VA business should be an exhilarating experience, free from the worries of legal uncertainties. Recognising the financial constraints of start-ups, we provide a Basic VA Contract that's both affordable and tailored to meet your unique needs. At ExecProVA, we've collaborated closely with a solicitor to ensure our documents are comprehensive, covering everything from non-payment to GDPR compliance.

This isn’t just another 'off the shelf' template, We use this document ourselves at ExecProVA. This contract is not only budget-friendly but also comes in an editable format, allowing for easy customisation to suit your specific requirements. By using a client agreement that has stood the test of real-world challenges, you're not just following best practices, but also building your VA business on a secure and professional foundation.

Please be aware: This document is the intellectual property of ExecProVA. It is exclusively intended for the use of the purchaser and must not be circulated or resold. Any unauthorised distribution or resale is strictly forbidden.

Designed to comply with the laws of England & Wales, this contract provides the legal protection you need within this jurisdiction.
Just a friendly reminder: While we at ExecProVA take great pride in the quality and reliability of our documents, it's important to note that we cannot assume responsibility for any unexpected challenges that may arise from the use of these documents. Rest assured; we've put our best expertise into creating them for your benefit.

Copyright © 2019 ExecProVA. All rights reserved. This document is for the exclusive use of the purchaser and must not be resold or redistributed. If you are interested in obtaining the rights to resell this product, please visit our 'Resaleable Items' section for more information and licensing options."

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